Refuting Myths Concerning Private Schools

For most parents, ensuring that their child receives the highest quality education possible is a major goal. However, it is a sad fact that there are some public school systems that may not provide a suitable environment for your child. If this is a problem that you are worried about, private schools may be the best way of ensuring that your child is receiving a quality education in a nurturing and safe environment. Yet, there are common misconceptions about private schools that dissuade some parents from pursuing this option, but after having the following two myths refuted, you will have a much stronger understanding of this education option. 

Myth: All Boarding Schools Military Based

There are many families that do not live close enough to a private school to make it possible for them to commute each day. While there are boarding schools available, some parents are concerned that these are all military based institutions. However, this is far from the case, and there are many religious and non-religious private schools that offer students boarding. 

Interestingly, some of these schools even allow students to return home each weekend if they so choose. While this may be a strong temptation for you, it is important for you to encourage your child to spend as much time as possible at school. These institutions often have enriching activities planned throughout the weekend and returning home may cause your child to miss out on them. 

Myth: There Is No Financial Aid for Private K-12 Schools

The cost of attending a private school is another issue that can cause some people to avoid considering this option. Yet, it should be noted that these schools often have numerous financial aid programs available to help students from financially strapped families. 

These plans will often entail scholarships, grants, reduced tuition, and payment plans to help accommodate the parents' financial situation. While the exact programs and their requirements will vary from school to school, it is likely that you can locate one that will work for your particular situation. 

Enrolling your child in a private school can be an excellent way of ensuring that they are getting the type of education they need to succeed in the modern world. For those that are unfamiliar with these institutions, it is important to understanding that there are many myths circulating about these institutions. Dispelling the ideas that all boarding schools are based on the military and that there is little financial aid for struggling familiars will help you to be more informed when making this critical decision for your child's future.