Whether Public Or Private: The Pros And Cons Of Vocational High School Programs

Some parents freak out when their kids express an interest in switching from a college-prep high school to a vocational school. Before moms and dads get upset or feel they've failed somehow, they must realistically weigh the pros and cons of sending their child to a vocational school. What's good about vocational high school? It's a stepping stone to college, too. If parents are honest, they may admit that they wonder what other people will think about their child's choice to attend a vocational or technical high school. Read More 

Refuting Myths Concerning Private Schools

For most parents, ensuring that their child receives the highest quality education possible is a major goal. However, it is a sad fact that there are some public school systems that may not provide a suitable environment for your child. If this is a problem that you are worried about, private schools may be the best way of ensuring that your child is receiving a quality education in a nurturing and safe environment. Read More